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The Complexity and Frustration of Pet Bird Feather Picking
May 28, 2011 . Some birds may only need doses of anti-anxiety medications twice a day for the rest of time, other birds will only need it in certain situations, .

AviCalm Calming Supplement for Parrots and Birds
AviCalm Calming Supplement for Parrots and Birds is for screamers, feather pluckers and aggressive, biting birds. Also recommended for use when traveling .

Bird Medications: All Bird Products
Bird Medications from All Bird Products. . AviCalm. Calming formula for screamers, pluckers, aggressive and biting birds. 4 oz, $20.49, qty: 8 oz, $35.49, qty: .

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  • Rescue Remedy for Birds |
    A little attention and frequent handling helps calm birds, according to Linda Mark, information specialist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine .

    - brandon ellis (lancaster, OH)
  • Pet Calming Medications |
    Modern veterinary medicine has discovered medications that are safe to use for calming pets. Some of these calming medications are the same ones used for .

    - Raeann Carter (Lancaster, OH)
  • Feather Abuse in Parrots by Pamela Clark
    Medications given to help a bird that appears to be suffering anxiety and stress include Prozac, Haldol, and Elavil, among others. Frequently, a thorough history .

    - Raeann Carter (Lancaster, OH)
  • Bird Health Care: Bird Medicine and Medication for Pet Birds
    Pet bird health care products from Drs. Foster and Smith include bird medicine and bird medications to treat common health issues in pet birds.

    - dawn carter (logan, OH)
  • birds and holistic veterinary medicine. Homeopathy for animals ...
    I do not advocate repressive medicine even with natural products. . How to remove egg: Oral dose one drop each: Calming Essence to calm bird; then mix .

Medications Used in Avian and Exotic Medicine and Pharmaceutical ...
Bird Health / Avian Medicine Library . feather picking, pruritis and allergy signs; given orally; calming effect in some anxious birds; may cause hypotension .