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. patented Neuticles and the revolutionary testicular implant procedure for pets. . canines and felines- each crafted from FDA medically approved solid silicone.

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Patented Neuticles are testicular implants for pets. . Neuticles UltraPLUS is the latest in solid silicone technology and feels almost like its' liquid filled- but is still .
Considered revolutionary by the pet industry, the space age implant- five years . ever to be neutered and implanted with a solid silicone testicular implant was .

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Since the first implantation in 1995, over 50000 pets throughout the world have . He was disheartened to learn that testicular implants were not available for dogs. . The natural model is made from solid silicone and is more similar in texture .

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  • Neuticles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Gregg Miller is shown with his dog Buck the bloodhound, the first recipient of Neuticles. Neuticles are prosthetic testicular implants for neutered dogs and other . They are made of solid silicone and are not gel-filled and therefore cannot leak .

    - brandon ellis (lancaster, OH)
  • Testicular Implants for Dogs - Yahoo! Voices -
    Jul 26, 2009 . A large number of dog owners balk at getting their male dogs . "Testicular implants" can overcome some owners' reluctance. . natural-soft, solid silicone; and UltraPlus, which "retards the risk of scar tissue development.

    - Raeann Carter (Lancaster, OH)
  • French implant company 'used same silicone in male chest and ...
    Jan 5, 2012 . A silicone gel breast implant manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) Photo: REUTERS . France's PIP company made male chest and testicle implants filled with the same contaminated . Pet Fit Club .

    - Raeann Carter (Lancaster, OH)
  • Experiences with Silimed's Silicone Elastomer or Mentor's Soft ...
    Nov 15, 2008 . Experiences with Silimed's Silicone Elastomer or Mentor's Soft-Solid Testicle Implant Living with Testicular Cancer.

    - dawn carter (logan, OH)
  • Neuticles; Silicon Testicular Implants (radio piece) on Vimeo
    Mar 15, 2010 . Neuticles; Silicon Testicular Implants (radio piece) . performed on animals that could not be justified in any way as a benefit to the animal.

Neuticles Help Neutered Pets Look Intact: Testicular Implants Make ...
Jan 22, 2009 . Testicular Implants Make a Dog, Cat or Other Pet Look Unneutered! Tweet . Pet owners can also opt for Neuticle Naturals, a less rigid silicone .